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Waste Management Consultancy Dundee

Forward thinking organisations, notably waste management companies view training as one of the key components of best practice.

All-Inclusive, in depth and simplistic training is essential to instruction; resulting in staff readily understanding protocol, procedure and conformity. Wasteful and non- compliant segregation and carelessness leads to a huge number of pounds lost each year by Trusts and other organisations, even legal action sometimes.

Our bespoke, onsite training was created for workers in any sector who come into contact with clinical waste or sharps. The holistic approach in which the training is given, ensures we look at all facets of the significance of right waste segregation in accordance with current legislation and guidance from The Department of Health; Health and Technical Memorandum, (2014).

Each person, after successfully completing their clinical waste segregation training, will get a Certification of Completion. The training is to be revived ideally every year in line with new legislative changes. The trust or organisation have access to our bespoke, especially designed waste stream training guides and support.

Waste management consultancy Dundee

Waste Management Dundee are driven by results and constant improvement at their Trust clients and other organisations, and are always trying to find new ways to enhance training, wisdom and education. Our bespoke, designed, waste stream specific signs are available to purchase on any substrate appropriate to where they’ll be displayed.

If you are not a customer of Waste Management Dundee, but you’ve a gap and need for education, training and training guides, then we can offer our exceptional and top quality training services as an addition to your organisation to help enforce advancements, please contact

Single Use Medical Instruments (SUMI)

The latest inventions offer their particular issues that require powerful solutions.
Single use devices offer fantastic protection from infection and may save trusts cash by removing the possible demand for “in house” infection control and sterilisation of re-usable devices. The devices are sealed into bespoke, labelled 11.5 litre black bins we provide that are fit for function. The instrument containers are deposited into lockable 360 or 770 litre bins.

They are subsequently taken to one of Waste Management Dundee’s specialist facilities where they are rotoclaved to destroy any possible infection and as a double measure the metals are subsequently smelted and regained to make new products. Waste Management Dundee are becoming involved more and more with Trusts and organisations that are going down the SUMI route.

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