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Trade Waste Disposal Dundee

Are you looking for a company that practises environmentally friendly methods of trade waste?  Dundee Waste company is exactly what you’re looking for. We are licensed to dispose of trade waste which means we have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle this type of waste including the expertise we cultivated over the years.

To be able to dispose of trade waste, you need to have a trade waste agreement or permit and failure to comply with this requirement can result in penalties. That is why you need to have a licensed waste disposal company such as Dundee waste at your disposal. We’ll also offer you a waste audit to better manage your trade waste. On top of that, we offer free bins, free bin delivery, and a free quote that is not binding. Call us today on 01382 604 110.

What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste means all liquid waste generated due to industrial and commercial productions and is usually discharged to a sewer. However, this waste does not include human waste or waste from personal hygiene such as water from bathrooms or toilets. When you think of trade waste, think of oils, grease, and chemicals. 

When it comes to trade waste disposal, there are different requirements for different industries. This is because, even though all industries produce trade waste, depending on what type of industry your business falls under, your trade waste will be different. Therefore, depending on what kind of trade waste you make and its toxicity, your trade waste requirements may be different. To ease your worries about regulations concerning your type of trade waste, hire us because we have all the know-how for all industries. That way, you’ll be avoiding a lot of problems in the future including paying hefty fines or even closure of your business.

Sources of Trade Waste

All businesses produce trade waste one way or the other, be it commercial businesses or industrial. Places such as bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, schools, meat processing places, etc have different trade waste requirements than hospitals, mechanical workshops, factories and other heavy-duty industries. The former are required to have grease traps installed in their facilities. This helps with ensuring that oils, grease, and other solids do not enter sewers and cause blockage. 

Trade waste from industrial facilities could be toxic and cause issues in sewers such as corrosion causing damage to the sewage facilities. 

How do You Dispose of Trade Waste

To dispose of trade waste, you’ll need to be in possession of a trade waste permit. This permit contains the terms and conditions under which your trade waste will be accepted. Disposing of  trade waste without a permit is illegal. Improper disposal of trade waste can put stress on our sewage systems and cause health and environmental problems.

To ensure trade waste does not damage our sewer systems, we pretreat your trade waste before it is disposed of.  We will monitor the flow measurement, pH and temperature devices used in trade waste disposal.  We’ll also prepare a Risk Assessment to demonstrate that the trade waste has been properly inspected and no longer poses a threat to sewage systems and the sewage workers as well as the environment as a whole. 

What Happens When Trade Waste is Not Disposed of Properly

It is important to manage trade wastewater correctly to avoid fines and closure of your business. Other reasons why proper trade waste disposal is important includes avoiding

  • sewer blockages or spills
  • damage to the wastewater system
  • health hazards for people
  • harm to the environment.

At Dundee Waste company we work with our customers to identify their level of risk and help them understand what is needed of them and how to properly manage trade waste in their premises according to their industry requirements. Call us today to learn  more. 

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