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Plastic Waste Management Dundee

The UK has one of the strongest plastic waste management systems. We understand it is almost impossible at this point to have a normal life without the use of plastic. However, it is imperative that we manage our plastic consumption and the waste produced as a result of this plastic waste usage.  That is why here at Dundee Waste we offer plastic waste solutions that are not only eco-friendly but are also sustainable. 

Call us on 01382 604 11 to organise your own plastic waste management solutions. The future of our environment and our future generation lies with us and it starts with implementing proper plastic waste management solutions.

What Does Plastic Recycling Mean?

Plastic recycling means reusing and reprocessing plastic that is no longer usable to something usable. We recycle plastic to reduce pollution and the effects plastic waste have on the environment. It also helps with the conservation of our natural resources and the diversion of plastic waste ending up in landfills and our oceans.

Plastics are lightweight and durable materials. They make our lives easier and convenient. This makes their production that much more rapid. However, only  30% of waste is recycled in the UK currently. 

Plastic Recycling Process

Basic plastic recycling involves collection, transportation, sorting, and remoulding to new plastic materials. However, different types of plastics require specific recycling methods based on the plastic model or type. Here we’ll just focus on the basic recycling method.

Collection – We will come over to your premises at your agreed upon time to come collect your plastic waste. We offer free plastic waste bins and free bin delivery. We advise that you keep your plastic waste in separate bins from other waste to avoid contamination. We’ll then transport it to the recycling plants where it’ll undergo the rest of the recycling process.

Sorting – At the recycling plant, the plastic will be sorted according to its grade and type. Also, the sorting helps to remove contaminants that may have gotten stuck with the plastic waste. 

Remoulding – The plastic will then be melted and remolded to create new plastic materials. But first, it will be shredded into tiny flakes. That makes the melting process easier. 

Plastic recycling uses less energy than creating plastic from the raw materials. Also, making plastic from recycled materials uses zero natural resources.

Plastic Waste Management Benefits Dundee

Plastic waste, when not managed, can have the worst negative impacts one can think of. Plastic waste management helps combat those negative effects. Here are some of the advantages of practising proper plastic waste management:

Reduces pollution. Most waste materials emit a lot of gas that destroys our ozone layer in the atmosphere. For example, when food waste and paper waste is left to rot in the open, it emits significant amounts of  methane. 

Helps conserve natural resources. Producing plastic requires a lot of energy. Also, plastic manufacturing requires use of natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal. Recycling saves these natural resources.

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