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Manufacturing Waste and Production Dundee

Manufacturing Waste and Production Dundee 

From independent manufacturers into large places, our integrated strategy reduces waste, pinpoints recycling opportunities and maximises valuable commodities throughout the creation and production procedure.

 As recycling and resource recovery experts, Waste company is helping companies take control of their costs and eliminate waste by developing bespoke production waste management solutions.  Utilising our experience and infrastructure, we provide efficiencies, gains and protect your bottom line by turning your business waste disposal into a valuable resource. Our dedicated manufacturing waste management services include:

general waste management

tough plastics

metal & wood hazardous waste

banding & strapping

dry blended recycling

confidential waste

animal bi-products

unplanned waste – onecall

clinical waste


Ecological Services Dundee 

Waste company is about to design and provide a flexible solution that helps take care of every facet of your on-site waste.  We’ll provide you with a dedicated on or off-site manager.  We’ll provide a comprehensive waste management plan.  And also we’ll back everything up with continuous support along with a service which ‘is tailored to the special demands of your business enterprise.

Our Key areas of Service in Dundee :

landfill recreation health & safety

ISO compliance

cost management

maximising commodities csr aims & support

request your free quote using our easy-to-use tool and purchase your new manufacturing waste contract online now.  If you want more time, we email you a copy of your quote that’s valid for 30 find out more about how waste business can support you and your business with your waste management requirements, talk to our staff now by phoning 01223 902 750.

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Emergency Removals Due to Heatwave

Rising numbers of Britain’s hospitality companies were forced to adopt emergency waste measures to cope with booming demand and soaring temperatures throughout last week’s heatwave. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in many regions of the country, many brits prevented the warmth of their own kitchens and flocked to pubs and restaurants so as to cool down. As a result, increasing numbers of hospitality companies have been forced to book emergency rubbish removal solutions to clear built up food waste, packaging and empty drinks bottles from in and and across their bin stores. Waste company supplied emergency waste removal solutions to nearly 350 hospitality companies across mainland Britain involving 29 June and 5 July. It eliminated 81 tonnes of food waste, packaging and vacant drinks containers, an increase of 224 per cent compared with the first week of June, as it removed 27 tonnes of waste for around 100 hospitality business. While there was no accompanying increase in the degree of food waste, lots of restaurants reserved additional waste collections to restrict the time food waste spent outside from the large temperatures. The greatest demand for emergency waste collection services was experienced in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Booming need and high temperatures are welcome, however they do produce systemic challenges for hospitality companies. Restaurants and pubs built up quantities of crap which went well beyond what the regular waste management suppliers were contracted to collect. Many needed to book emergency waste solutions to clear overflowing bin stores to prevent environmental issues and stay open.

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