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Glass Waste Recycling Dundee

Waste glass is another waste material that is produced in large quantities and does not decompose. In the UK, we currently recycle around 71% of container glass such as bottles and jars. However, we are aiming towards a 90% collection and recycling rate for glass by 2030. 

If you’re looking for glass waste recycling and management in and around Dundee, give us a buzz on 01382 604 110. We offer glass collection and recycling anywhere in and around Dundee and all of the UK. 

Benefits of Glass Recycling Dundee

Glass recycling is a very easy way to make a beneficial contribution in preserving our environment. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of glass recycling.

Environmental Impact

Glass bottles sent to a landfill can take up to a million years to break down. By contrast, it takes as little as 30 days for a recycled glass bottle to leave your kitchen recycling bin and appear on a store shelf as a new glass container. Sending glass waste to recycling plants saves landfill space.

Glass Recycling Saves Energy

Making recycled glass products from cullet consumes 40 percent less energy than making new glass from raw materials because cullet melts at a much lower temperature. It takes up to 1426,667°C of limestone heating and other glass making raw material. Making new glass from cullets, which is crushed glass particles. 

Glass recycling conserves natural resources

Every ton of glass that is recycled saves more than a ton of the raw materials needed to create new glass.Taking into account the transportation and processing, for every ton of glass made out of recycled glass, you save 670kg of CO2 emissions. Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials to be quarried thus saving non-renewable, natural resources.

How is Glass Recycled

The process of glass recycling is made up of four steps, namely collection, sorting, 

and melting. We’ll collect the glass waste from your premises at the time that you prefer. Then we transport it to waste recycling plants. At the recycling plants, the glass will be cleaned to remove them of their impurities and then sorted according to their colors and grades. Same coloured glasses are recycled together as that suggests they have the same chemical composition. 

Next comes the process of crushing into smaller pieces called cullets to make the melting process easier. When melted, they will be remodeled into new glasses, jars and containers. 

This process is significantly less costly than creating glass from original glass making materials. It is also the most sustainable method.

By managing your glass waste well enough, you contribute to the saving of environmental resources and your Duty of Care obligation. Not sure how? Give us a buzz.

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