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Food Waste Recycling Dundee

If you are looking for food waste recycling services to ensure that your business contributes to the reduction of food waste and carbon footprint, Dundee waste company has all the resources for you. Our solutions play an important role in increasing the amount of food recycling done in the UK. Contact us on 01382 604 110. 

We’ll provide your company a full food waste management solution that includes:

  • All-round food waste management strategy
  • Food waste Recycling
  • Food waste reduction solutions
  • Food waste audit
  • Free bins
  • Free bin delivery and 
  • Excellent customer service.

Food Waste Management Dundee

Food waste is described as food that is discarded and unused or uneaten. It could be raw food, cooked food, or fruit and vegetables peel. This food wastage can occur from food production stages to the consumption method where the people served don’t finish it and throw it into the bins. Some nations consider food that goes to compost as food waste. 

Food waste accounts for almost half of all carbon emissions that led to global warming. Ironically, food warming poses a great threat to the production of our food all around the world due to the changing and extreme weather conditions. Food waste management including recycling and changing how we handle food waste is an important step in addressing issues such as global warming. It leads to healthy gardens and crops so that we can have more food to buy and sell and it will also help save the planet from further effects of global warming. 

Food Waste Reduction Dundee

Reducing food waste starts with the consumers. That means that the less the demand for food the higher the chances of food production companies to continuously produce food that half of the amount goes to waste. And the best way to lessen our demand is by being extra careful with how we manage the food we already have. Food is treated as a disposable commodity. We tend to think because we have enough money, we can never run out of food so we don’t take care of how we’re consuming it. But, that is far from the truth. 

The food wastage that we are causing is also causing a long-term food shortage. Most food waste often ends up in landfills and that causes a great deal of methane emission when the food is breaking down. Methane is far more dangerous to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide is. And the more methane, the further the global warming problem becomes worse. Then this global warming makes it very difficult for agriculture to prosper which will then surely lead to extreme food shortages in the future, even for the warm pocketed, developed cities.

Food Waste Recycling Dundee

Food waste recycling will ensure that zero food waste is sent to landfills. Food waste recycling allows us to have excess energy resources that are eco-friendly and sustainable. It also gives us more bio-fertilizer to plant more food crops. The process of food recycling is as follows:

We collect your food waste from your premises and transport it to our recycling centres. At the recycling centres, it is broken down using anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion breaks the food waste down using microbes inside an airtight and enclosed system. This breakdown gives off methane gas which is then collected to produce biogas for our fuels and electricity. What’s left of the broken down food can be converted to a bio-fertilizer for our crops.

Judging from all these benefits we get from recycling our food, it is no surprise that it should be the only way of disposing of food waste if that food is inedible or not fit for food consumption, in which case it could be donated to the less fortunate.

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