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In Essex, the southeast region of England, Colchester is a town. In Castle Park, Colchester Castle raises upon the Roman temple foundations of its Norman keep. Its museum houses artifacts dating back over 2,500 years. The Hollytrees Museum contains three centuries of clothing, clocks, and ornamental arts in its Georgian townhouse. In the Dutch Quarter, you can find the remains of an ancient Roman theatre. Colchester is one of the most beautiful towns in the world and boasts a city zoo, a castle, and many amazing eateries and shops. With stunning countryside surrounding the town and minutes from the sea, Colchester is the perfect place for tourists attractions. The Colchester area is the perfect location for a well-deserved short break, day trip, or family holiday thanks to its location at the gateway to East Anglia, which features gorgeous villages right on its doorstep.

As such, waste management is the single most important thing to have in a town such as this. In our more than 30 years in the waste management industry, we’ve built an environmentally friendly waste collection service. A licensed waste management company is necessary if your company generates a lot of waste, of any kind. Our services include delivering free bins, picking up any time, and providing exceptional customer service. Give us a call on 01843 266 232  or fill in the form for a free quote.

Commercial Waste Collection Colchester

We provide cost-effective business waste collection at Kent Waste Management. We are dedicated to environmental preservation, and all rubbish collected is handled in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. The numerous procedures used to control how garbage is kept, collected, and disposed of are referred to as waste management. This encompasses things like throwing things away in landfills or destroying them through incineration, as well as reusing or repurposing and recycling. Waste management is in place to assist limit the amount of abandoned materials in our landscapes while also avoiding potential health and environmental risks.

Kent Waste Management provides cost-effective business waste collection. In order to preserve the environment, all waste collected is handled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Waste management refers to the numerous methods of keeping, collecting, and disposing of waste. In addition to destroying things through incineration or landfilling, it also includes reusing or repurposing items according to their original uses. To reduce the amount of abandoned material in our landscapes and avoid hazards to health and the environment, waste management is in place. We offer the following collection services in and around Colchester:

  • Glass waste collection 
  • Paper and cardboard waste collection 
  • General waste 
  • Dry-mixed waste collection
  • Hazardous waste collection
  • Trade waste collection
  • Medical and clinical waste collection

Commercial Waste Disposal Colchester

Waste management cannot be standardised. However, be that as it may, it is crucial to follow a waste management hierarchy when trying to dispose of waste. That is:

  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Dispose

A lot of waste can be reused and transformed into useful materials rather than thrown away. The majority of waste can, however, be recycled and used to make new materials. The recyclable materials include, for example, glass, paper, and plastic. Only glass can be recycled multiple times without losing value. Landfilling waste is another way to dispose of waste. The problem with this is that the waste in landfills can remain there for years, releasing gas into the air. Therefore, Kent Waste Management has zero landfill waste policy. In order to divert waste from landfills, we endeavor to dispose of our waste in the most environmentally friendly manner such as recycling.

Depending on the kind of trash that you have to deal with, different waste management strategies are used. To remove poisons from hazardous waste, for instance, it must be processed before disposal. Humans and animals are protected from pollution and health risks as a result. Meanwhile, when it comes to general waste, there is no specific treatment necessary to dispose of it properly.

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