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Our expert waste teams in Dundee can ensure all of your commercial waste is dealt with as part of a cost-effective service you can have full confidence in. If you want local services you can rely on, call Waste Management Dundee today on 01382 604 110.

Waste Management Dundee is Dundee’s leading waste packaging materials & recycling management business, who provide a wide selection of cost and environmentally effective cardboard, paper, polythene collection services.


Because of the increasing cost of landfill, we are specialists in helping local companies to control the prices associated with handling their waste. With landfill tax billed for waste growing each year, Waste Management Dundee will help you to redirect as much of your waste as possible from landfill to recycling consequently, assisting you to lower your prices. We are able to accumulate and sort your combined waste recyclable material, which means that you do not need to worry about separating these materials yourself. Your recyclable waste may be put into one container, which we’ll accumulate and sort on your own behalf. Recyclable materials contain:

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Our materials recycling facility segregates, processes mixed recyclable materials, which typically contain paper, card and cardboard, plastic film and tough plastics, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We possess the state of the art technology to separate plastic bottles from aluminium and steel cans and to further independent plastic bottles by polymer kinds. Additionally, quality control measures ensure that high quality material bales are sold on to end-users.

Waste Management Dundee provide a superb service for your company. We do all the work for you. We match all the environmental legal demands and create your duty of care note all for one cost no hidden charges.

We are local waste management company and give you a made to measure bundle giving advice on your own waste and recycling needs. By employing our skilled knowledge we can meet your service needs whilst also saving you money.

Entire Peace of Mind

From bank statements to commercial contracts, private records & business deals, Waste Management Dundee is a leading supplier of confidential services and data destruction solutions to both local authorities and commercial company with over 22 years of combined recycling experience.

Our secret document bags are self sealed secret paper sacks for an entirely safe option. The sack is filled, sealed by you and then both sack and contents are collected and shredded so removing any danger of files being left in the sack or accidentally being discarded.

We provide a fully managed service for the collection & disposal of confidential waste paper, whether it’s on a routine or call & collect basis. We can propose & provide containers for the best method of keeping the substance in a office or commercial environment and how to maximize the efficiency of our collections. This may involve our staff gathering from around an edifice, or otherwise from a fundamental point.

Our trained staff will arrive on the designated day when you have contacted us to arrange a collection. Our vehicles bring your confidential waste paper back to our safe facility, where it’s unloaded and taken directly to the safe shredding place. The average shredding time from collection is currently 4 hours (depending on location & quantity) we make sure that all you are confidential contents is constantly destroyed on the day of collection. All the confidential waste paper is shredded by a large industrial shredder and then baled in preparation for recycling. Once destroyed, we issue customers with a Certification of Destruction to demonstrate material was destroyed, along with a transport note as required by duty of care regulations.

In addition, we provide a service where customers can come to witness the destruction procedure if requested.

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